Bekaert is focusing on ts UK launch

Bekaert is focusing on ts UK launch

Belgian biscuit butter spread maker Bekaert stands a "good chance" of its product being in supermarkets by the end of the year.

Founder Igor Bekaert told just-food at the Food and Drink Expo 2014 the firm was committed to UK expansion and raising awareness of the product among the UK public to boost the chance of getting it on to supermarket shelves.

"Our idea of getting out there is plugging it to the general public - we've done 45 food shows this year. We want to get the product known, people to build affection for it and then hopefully it sells through the stores," said Bekaert.

The Belgian nut and dairy-free product which is made from speculoos biscuits has been present in the Belgian retail market including independent stores and supermarkets for four years under the name Speculoos Paste. It has been rebranded for the UK launch.

The product can be used as a spread for toast, waffles or pancakes. It can also be used in baking and can be added to milkshakes.

Bekaert said at the show the product was attracting "phenomenal demand" from emerging markets including the Middle East and the Philippines.

"We've had at least two dozen people here saying come to Gulfood. Because it is vegan, vegetarian and halal and the cinnamon and sweet taste appeals to the Middle East market - it is something we will do. We have also sold a container-load to the Philippines for supermarkets and convenience stores."

However at present Bekaert said he was concentrating on the UK launch and looking at various "avenues to follow" in terms of getting the product on supermarket shelves.

"There is a good chance we will be in them by the end of the year," he added.