Bel UK has launched a brand from its Laughing Cow range called Giggles, a mini-cheese food snack developed for pre-school children.

The snack will benefit from over GBP3m (US$5.8m) of marketing support for The Laughing Cow brand and will be featured on TV later in the year as part of a new ad campaign. 

The soft-white cheese snack, launched today (5 March), has been developed for children, yet is also being targeted towards adults and will comprise of six 18g pods to each pack.

Jean-Paul Pelaez, head of category management at Bel UK, said: "Giggles is a product that is completely in line with consumer trends. It is totally relevant to the eating habits of young kids and the needs of their parents who are increasingly health-conscious and concerned about the type of food their children are eating."

The snack is made with fresh whole milk and contains no added preservatives, artificial colours or flavours and will be available for GBP1.29.