Blount Fine Foods working on ingredient list

Blount Fine Foods working on ingredient list

US soup maker Blount Fine Foods is looking to reduce the amount of artificial ingredients in its products.

The company, which also makes sides, entrées and sauces, said the moves would "elevate and enhance" its "premium position" in the retail and foodservice markets.

Blount Fine Foods plans to "reduce and/or eliminate" the use of "chemical ingredients, artificial colourings, additives and preservatives in all of its foods", especially those sold under the Blount brand, it said.

Bob Sewall, Blount Fine Foods' executive vice president for sales and marketing, said: "The more we work to understand the folks who purchase our products, the more we realise that we cook for knowledgeable, on-the-go consumers who care about providing quality food for themselves and those they love."

The company has implemented certifications that allow it to label certain products Certified Organic, Certified Non-GMO, and/or Certified Gluten-Free.

"Not every product can be labelled certified organic, for reasons that are sometimes as simple as the USDA does not certify seafood as organic," Sewall said. "But if Blount New England Clam Chowder is made with nothing more than clams, potatoes, cream, butter and a few spices, consumers deserve to know the product is much more wholesome than some of the alternatives available, which is what our Clean & Simple brand will communicate."

Blount Fine Foods' supply custom-made soups for national restaurant chains and manufactures hot-to-go soup and fresh store-brand pre-packed soup cups for retailers.

It also makes fresh and frozen soups sold under the Legal Sea Foods and Panera Bread brands to club stores and retailers.

Todd Blount, president and CEO of Blount Fine Foods, said: "We have been moving in this direction for the last few years, and have worked closely with our retail brand partners at both Legal Sea Foods and Panera Bread to ensure the retail products we market under their brands are always in step with their ever-improving standards.

"Eating well has always meant fresh, delicious foods, but today it means more, including organic foods that taste great, foods with clean and simple ingredients, and even those foods that provide a simply delicious indulgence."