Blue Horizon Organic Seafood Company, which specialises in wild-caught and organic seafood, has introduced a new range of premium ready meals and appetisers under the Last Minute Chef brand.

The company said the launch of the Last Minute Chef  brand "elevated the quality of frozen entrées and appetisers available in supermarkets". The new products contain sustainable seafood and top quality natural ingredients, the company said, providing "restaurant quality" dishes for supermarkets.

Blue Horizon's Last Minute Chef hand-made spring rolls, which come in boxes of 12, comprise Thai vegetable, Chinese vegetable, Thai Shrimp and Chinese Shrimp varieties. Family-size meals in the Last Minute Chef range include Pad Thai, a dish made from rice noodles, shrimp, fresh vegetables and beansprouts.

"Last Minute Chef products have no MSG, no preservatives, no flavour enhancing synthetic chemicals, so all you get is great flavour through quality ingredients and responsibly sourced seafood," said the company's co-founder John Battendieri. "Our spring rolls, for example, feature fresh vegetables such as asparagus, shiitake mushrooms and coriander root, well above the standard carrot-and-cabbage filler found in many other brands' products."