Boulder showcases NPD

Boulder showcases NPD

Health and wellness group Boulder Brands is debuting 20 new products at the 2013 Natural Products Expo West, being held in California this week.

Boulder produces brands that address dietary needs, such as its gluten-free Udi's and Glutino brands, its Smart Balance heart health brand and its Best Life weight management brand.

The company said new products launched at Natural Products Expo West include items "never before seen in certain categories". Launches include: gluten free pita chips, gluten free toaster pastries and vegan-friendly Aged White Cheddar Flavor Puffs.

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Boulder Brands Debuts New Products, New Vision at Expo West

Boulder Brands Family of Companies Demonstrates New Capabilities, Innovative Strategies for Natural Foods Industry
DENVER, March 7, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Boulder Brands, a leading health-and-wellness company comprised of natural brands that address specific consumer health needs, will debut a total of 20 new products at the 2013 Natural Products Expo West, March 7 - 10 in Anaheim, California. The launch of these new items is a reflection of Boulder Brands' unique vision to change the way we eat through social community engagement, strong retailer collaboration and innovation ahead of consumer needs.
Through each of its brands, Boulder Brands addresses specific dietary needs, including gluten-free (Udi's Gluten Free Foods and Glutino), plant-based (Earth Balance), heart health (Smart Balance) and weight management (Best Life). Each of these categories is well positioned for growth. People following gluten-free or plant-based diets alone make up an estimated 30 percent of the American population.
"What we do differently, is listen to consumers in real-time, share insights across our diverse brands and learn from our retail partners to shape what's possible for healthy lifestyles," said Steve Hughes, CEO of Boulder Brands.
One redefining innovation released at Expo West will be compact packaging for Earth Balance Buttery Spread, which now maximizes shelf and warehouse space in the highly competitive refrigerated cases. By creating a space-saver rectangular tub, products can be stacked more efficiently, resulting in up to 60 percent better warehouse storage. Most importantly, retailers and consumers alike can now enjoy more product diversity with 50 percent more retail shelf space.
In addition, the company maintains a direct connection to consumers through strong social media channels, reaching a combined 1.4 million people on Facebook alone. All Boulder Brands companies manage strong communities online to ask questions, listen for opportunities and gain insight on consumer preferences. Boulder Brands combines these findings with research, sales data and other results to create choices consumers may not have imagined even a few years ago.
The new products launched at Natural Products Expo West include items never before seen in certain categories, including gluten free pita chips from Udi's, gluten free toaster pastries from Glutino and vegan-friendly Aged White Cheddar Flavor Puffs from Earth Balance.
Boulder Brands Product Launches at Natural Products Expo West
Toaster Pastries - Strawberry Toaster Pastries - Apple Shake and Pour Pancake Mix Earth Balance:
Vegan Buttery Flavor Popcorn Vegan Aged White Cheddar Flavor Popcorn Vegan Aged White Cheddar Flavor Puffs P.B. Popps Udi's:
Chocolate Chip Granola Bars Cranberry Almond Granola Bars Ancient Grain Granola Bars Blueberry Cashew Active Granola Cherry Walnut Active Granola Chocolate Chip Pecan Cookies (shelf-stable) Salted Caramel Cashew Cookies (shelf-stable) Peanut Butter Coconut Cookies (shelf-stable) Sea Salt Pita Chips Mediterranean Madness Pita Chips Sea Salt Ancient Grain Crisps Aged Cheddar Ancient Grain Crisps Indian Spice Ancient Grain Crisps About Boulder Brands, Inc. Boulder Brands, Inc. (NasdaqGM: BDBD) is committed to providing superior tasting, solution-driven products. The company's health and wellness platform consists of brands that target specific consumer needs: Glutino and Udi's for gluten-free diets; Earth Balance for plant-based diets; Smart Balance for heart healthier diets; and Bestlife for weight management. For more information about Boulder Brands, Inc., please
About Udi's Healthy Foods, LLC Udi's Healthy Foods LLC (Udi's) is a leader in the fast growing market for gluten free foods in North America. Udi's markets a diversified and growing range of gluten free products under the well recognized Udi's Gluten Free Foods brand in the retail market, and since mid-2011, food service channels. Udi's Gluten Free Foods is a leading brand in gluten free bread and bakery products. In addition, Udi's markets other gluten free products in the frozen pizza and granola categories.
About Earth Balance Based near Boulder, Colo., Earth Balance produces a line of delicious buttery spreads, shortenings, nut butters, soymilk, soy nog, coconut spread and alternative mayo. All Earth Balance® products are plant-based, vegan, made without artificial ingredients and hydrogenated oils, and are free of gluten, lactose and eggs, offering a delicious alternative for individuals with food sensitivities and those seeking healthier options for their favorite foods. Earth Balance® products are a great complement to cooking and baking and some can be enjoyed on their own. Earth Balance strongly supports the Non-GMO Project and sustainable agriculture practices, and all Earth Balance® products are made without genetically modified ingredients. Earth Balance promotes a plant-based diet and earth-friendly lifestyle through its Made Just RightTM online social community. Earth Balance is a division of GFA Brands, Inc., an operating affiliate of Boulder Brands, Inc. (NasdaqGM: BDBD). For more information, visit
About Glutino Food Group Since 1983, Glutino Food Group has been a trusted pioneer and leader in the gluten-free category. Glutino Food Group offers a wide variety of great-tasting, gluten-free foods consumers can trust. Products are available in the US and Canada at local supermarkets, and at natural and organic retailers. For more information on Glutino Food Group, visit Glutino Food Group, which includes SB Glutino, L.P. and Importations DE-RO-MA (1983) Ltee, is affiliated with Boulder Brands, Inc.
About Smart Balance Smart Balance, Inc. (NasdaqGM: BDBD) is committed to providing superior tasting heart healthier alternatives in every category it enters by avoiding trans fats naturally, balancing fats and/or reducing saturated fats, total fat and cholesterol, and/or by incorporating ingredients that people may be missing in their diets. The company markets the Smart Balance® line of products, which include Smart Balance® Buttery Spreads, Sticks, Milks, Peanut Butter, Microwave Popcorn, Cooking Oil, Mayonnaise and Non-Stick Cooking Spray, and also markets natural food products under the Earth Balance® brand and healthier lifestyle products under the BestlifeTM brand. For more information about Smart Balance, Inc., Smart Balance® products and the Smart BalanceTM Food Plan, please visit


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