Campbell Soup Co. has shaken up its range of soups on sale in the US with a series of ready-to-serve products and the reformulation of soups aimed at kids.

The 36 ready-to-serve varieties, under the name Campbell's Select Harvest, will enter the company's lower sodium product portfolio, along with the 12 reformulated children's soups.

Campbelll will launch the soups in the autumn, in a category now worth US$650m at retail, up from US$100m in 2003.

Douglas Conant, Campbell's president and CEO said, "This is another significant step in our leadership in sodium reduction. Our announcement today builds upon our breakthrough sodium reduction efforts over the past two years, but we will not rest here. Our journey to lower sodium across Campbell's portfolio will continue with the goal of making soup the ultimate healthy simple meal."

The Campbell's Select Harvest line will include "light" soups, which will be at the "heart-healthy" sodium level. Campbell's kids soups were initially reformulated during the company's first sodium reduction phase in 2006 when the salt content was reduced by, on average, 25%. The current reformulation represents an additional 20% average sodium reduction.