The Campbell Soup company has completed the the initial implementation of a new technology platform for managing
electronic-based collaboration with retailers.

The implementation was completed within seven days and is broadly deploying the platform that combines Velosel eChannel Manager-CPG with core information technology infrastructure from IBM. IBM Global Services is providing implementation services.

The new technology application will be used for the many critical activities required for effective collaboration with retailers, Velosel said  in a press release. These include: aggregation of product data from back-end systems; creation and management of product catalogues and distribution of catalogues that comply with the numerous open and proprietary formats necessary to support multiple electronic selling channels, including private and public exchanges, such as WorldWide Retail Exchange (WWRE) and others.

These activities also include workflow management and routing of UCCnet-compliant and other XML-based messages - both within the Campbell organisation as well as between Campbell and its trading partners. Such messages will include the delivery of product information from the more than twenty market-leading Campbell brands to repositories of standards-based item details such as SKU (stock-keeping unit) numbers, size, availability and pricing.