Cargill weighing up entry into Indonesias poultry sector

Cargill weighing up entry into Indonesia's poultry sector

US agribusiness giant Cargill is considering moving into Indonesia's poultry market.

A spokesperson for Cargill's operations in Asia Pacific told just-food the company had started to weigh up whether to enter the sector.

"We have just begun looking at this market. With Japan opening their market to Indonesia, it adds to our interest," the spokesperson told just-food.

Earlier this year, Indonesia started talks with Japan over the possible resumption of poultry shipments to the country.

Asked when Cargill could announce a decision on if it will enter the sector, the spokesperson said: "There is no deadline for an Indonesia decision since we are just starting the exploration."

At the opening of a cocoa processing facility in Indonesia yesterday, Cargill CEO David MacLennan had reportedly said the poultry sector could be "a good place for us to play", noting the talks between the country and Japan. Indonesia has not shipped poultry to Japan for a decade after an avian flu outbreak but Tokyo is looking at expanding its sources following food safety incidents in China this summer.

Cargill opened its first poultry plant in China last year. It also has two facilities in Thailand, which ships to customers in Asia, Canada, the EU and the Middle East.