Cencar Co, the French retail giant that operates Thai Carrefour hypermarkets, is relocating its global food-sourcing department to Bangkok. Previously in Hong Kong, the department was responsible sourcing items to be absorbed throughout Carrefour's extensive retail network. The decisions to move was attributed to the increasing quality and production of Thai food. 

Pascal Billaud, Carrefour managing director, commented: "Exports from Thailand are already over Bt1.5bn, making it the highest earner for the group in Asia." Furthermore, exports are increasing by between 20-30% per year, 42% of which are food products.

Many of the products that leave Thailand go to international markets, as Carrefour operates in 28 countries, and the company has revealed plans to expand its Thai operations next year with an investment of Bt2.6bn in four new branches.

Thailand's major exports are tuna, fresh and canned pineapple, frozen shrimp, pet food and crab meat.