Casemir is planning to begin selling chocolate in supermarkets

Casemir is planning to begin selling chocolate in supermarkets

Luxury chocolate manufacturer Casemir is planning a retail range called B to launch at the end of September.

Until now, the company has manufactured chocolates for the hotel industry, supplying 84 of the UK's top 200 AA hotels. It is now planning a range of fresh handmade chocolates to be sold through supermarkets.

The range uses fresh butter and cream, unlike most manufacturers - which use emulsifiers and oil or condensed milk - so the Casemir range would need to be sold in supermarket refrigerators as it has a shorter six-week shelf life.

Owner James Ecclestone said the move would mean re-educating consumers about the difference between his "fresh" product against ambient ranges sold by other manufacturers".

He added: "Cadbury has probably already made next year's Easter eggs, where my product only lasts for six weeks."

Ecclestone said of his 64 flavour range, which has included flavours like wasabi and mushroom and stilton: "The UK's appreciation of basic cooking has shot up - which makes it easier for someone like me who wants to push the boundaries."

He added that the time is right for the range as people are interested in fresh, natural and local, and "we want to redefine peoples' understanding of what fresh, handmade chocolate really is".