China has seized a batch of smuggled meat

China has seized a batch of smuggled meat

Chinese authorities have reportedly seized around 100,000 tonnes of smuggled frozen meat including one batch dating from the 1970s.

China Daily has said the meat included frozen chicken wings, beef and pork and was bound for restaurants, retailers and supermarkets in Hunan province as well as other major cities.

The smuggled meat is reported to be worth CNY3bn (US$483m). A total of 20 people have been detained.

According to state media agency Xinhua, 800 tonnes of chicken feet were seized.

Customs told Xinhua that the smuggled meat never went through quarantine procedures and that some of the chicken feet had long expired.

China is the largest consumer of meat and poultry products in the world according to Euromonitor data. In 2014, meat retail volume in China increased to 65,484.40 compared with 55,238.50 tonnes in 2009.

The frozen processed poultry market in 2014 was worth US$1.7bn compared with $1.4bn in 2009.