Markham, Ontario-based CoolBrands International announced yesterday [Thursday] that it has entered into an agreement with Brand Innovations LTD, of Brockenhurst, England, to launch a line of Tropicana® branded frozen fruit juice bar novelties in the UK.

The agreement allows Brand Innovations to distribute Tropicana® branded frozen novelties throughout the UK under sublicense from CoolBrands beginning with the 2002 selling season. The products will be manufactured in Europe using Tropicana Pure Premium® orange juice as the main ingredient.

The launch of Tropicana® frozen novelties in the UK follows the launch of Tropicana® frozen novelty product line in France and Belgium in 2001.

"Tropicana Pure Premium® is the third largest branded food product in the US and the fourth largest in Canada, and is fast achieving similar dominance in Europe and throughout the world," said CoolBrands' president and Co-CEO David J. Stein. "CoolBrands is delighted to share in this growth by developing the Tropicana® brand in the frozen dessert category in important markets around the world."

As the exclusive marketer of Tropicana® frozen desserts under a long-term license from Bradenton, Florida-based Tropicana Products, CoolBrands began marketing Tropicana® frozen novelties in the US and Canada in 1997 and 1999, respectively. The company also markets Eskimo Pie® branded frozen novelties and frozen dessert products.