Yop, Yoplait Dairy Crest's branded drinking yoghurt, will receive an investment of GBP3.5m (US$6.81m) in 2007 to boost brand awareness, beginning with a national television campaign due to kick-off in March.

The campaign will highlight the calcium content of the product in order to emphasise the brand's health message.

Angelica Costantini, Yop group brand manager, said: "We are very excited by this new execution. Its trendy visual, catchy tune and clever calcium messaging will make a big impact on consumers and we're confident this will translate into a significant sales uplift by capturing both mums' minds and teens' hearts.

"As well as building awareness around the new Yop bottle, which was re-launched in January, the new ad reinforces the message that one 250g glass of Yop contains 37% recommended daily allowance of calcium, which is important for  teens to build strong & healthy bones, and positions Yop as a delicious dairy snack that teenagers can grab from the fridge."