Clover no longer contains artificial ingredients

Clover no longer contains artificial ingredients

Dairy Crest, the UK dairy group, has removed artificial ingredients from its Clover dairy spread in a bid to meet growing demand for "more natural, unprocessed foods".

Louise Pike, head of butters, spreads and oils at Dairy Crest, said: "With half the saturated fat of butter, our new Clover Original spread recipe offers an alternative to shoppers seeking to avoid artificial ingredients, whilst still cutting down on their saturated fat intake."

Dairy Crest has devised a marketing push targeting "mums with young families", the company said. The campaign has the tagline 'Nothing artificial gets in'.

In Dairy Crest's last full financial year, which ran until the end of March, Clover sales fell 8%, matching the decline in the market. The company described the result as "a satisfactory performance".

This year, Dairy Crest moved to extend the Clover portfolio with the launch of Clover cooking oil, leaning on its existing cooking oil brand Frylight.