Singapore retail leader Dairy Farm Group announced the launch of a new campaign to reward top-performing staff and courteous customers.

Aptly named "We Brighten Up Your Day", the campaign will involve over 5,200 fulltime and part-time employees and 326 stores within the Dairy Farm Group in Singapore. The campaign will be carried out from 1 May to 31 July, 2002. Participating retail chains include the Cold Storage group of supermarkets, Giant hypermarkets, 7-Eleven shops, and Guardian and Photo Finish outlets.

Gary Dunwell, Dairy Farm Country Manager for Singapore said: "We are very excited by this programme as it has many innovative elements to help us raise the standard of our service and to show our appreciation to customers who display gracious and courteous behaviour. Besides rewarding our staff for good service, we have also taken an unprecedented step of highlighting the important role played by customers in promoting a gracious society.

The "We Brighten Up Your Day" campaign is supported by the Singapore Kindness Movement (SKM).

Dairy Farm's campaign will be carried out under two main programmes. The first is the "Smile" programme targeted at spotting and rewarding courteous staff while the second is the external "We Reward Our Customers" programme.

Both programmes will use "Spotters" throughout all participating stores to spot and reward courteous staff and customers.

"Smile" programme

The "Smile" programme has two parts, the first of which entails spotting and rewarding frontline service staff for good service while the second part involves rewarding support and office staff for courteous phone behaviour. This programme will be conducted from 1 May 1 to 30 June, 2002.

A team of 80 external auditors or spotters have been appointed to visit each store within the Dairy Farm Group to observe and spot courteous frontline staff. These spotters will give recognition stickers to employees who meet certain criteria.

Based on the final number of stickers the staff receive, they will be awarded one of three pins - Bronze, Silver and Gold (with Gold being the highest award). Recipients of Silver pins will also be given a S$50 (US$27.7) gift voucher while those awarded Gold pins will receive a S$100 gift voucher, a certificate and an invitation to attend the Awards Dinner.

The external auditors will also be making surprise telephone calls to various teams at the corporate office and warehouse to spot courteous phone behaviour. The most courteous support teams will be selected based on a point system and will be awarded certificates and cash prizes.

"We Reward Our Customers" programme

This programme is targeted at Dairy Farm's customers and will kick off on 10 June and end 31  July, 2002. A team of ten mystery spotters called "Roving Service Ambassadors" will visit all participating shops to select and reward courteous customers.

A total of 32 most courteous customers will be selected based on criteria that include requesting for service in a courteous manner, showing appreciation for good service and an act of kindness or graciousness towards other people within the store.

The 32 winners will each receive a S$500 gift voucher and a certificate. They will also be invited to attend the Awards Dinner in September where they will be presented with their prizes.

Lucky draw

Dairy Farm will also be conducting a lucky draw from 10 June to 28 July 2002 to thank customers for their patronage. Courteous staff will also have a chance at winning prizes as customers are asked to nominate courteous front-line service staff when they fill in the lucky draw coupon. The first prize is S$10,000 for the customer while the staff, whose name is on the winning draw coupon, will receive S$5,000. There will also be 100 consolation prizes of S$200 for customers and S$100 for staff.