Growing demand for dairy in the Middle East, the progress made by and prospects for stevia and the UK kosher food market feature in this week's research round-up.

GCC Dairy Market 2013 Report
This is a new comprehensive report on the dairy sector in the markets of the Gulf Cooperation Council. According to the report, the GCC dairy market grew by more than 50% between 2007 and 2012 to US$5.8bn. The analysis provides a comprehensive analysis of market volume and value trends with a range of data, tables, charts and commentary addressing total consumption; market volume segmentation by product category and country; per capita consumption and expenditure by category and country; and total market value segmented by product category and country.

Global Stevia Market 2013 Report
Stevia, a high-intensity natural sweetener, offers a sweetening power some 300 times that of table sugar without adding any calories. Stevia has enjoyed a rapid rise in popularity over the past six years and, with its versatility as an ingredient, is increasingly becoming the focus of attention for product development. This report examines the origins and swift acceptance of this natural zero-calorie sweetener internationally, as it has achieved regulatory approval for use in food and beverages in most key markets.

Innovation Opportunities in Indulgence Products
Consumers want it all and want it now. Tasty is good. Healthy and tasty is better. Healthy, tasty, portable and tailored to specific occasions is best. Price is an issue in the current economic climate, but consumers will compromise for the added value offered by the best novelties. This is why, according to this report, indulgence food manufacturers are developing products that provide guilt-free flavoured-enriched sensations for every consumption occasion.

What next for Health in Food? Consumer Lifestyles, Nutrition, Food Labelling & Product Choice
Disease-related, demographic, and desire-led drivers are making health of growing importance to food marketers. However, barriers such as cost, habits, and confusion over how to eat healthily are limiting consumer’s ability to act on these drivers. After exploring these drivers and barriers, this report focuses on the health solutions available to consumers, the best practice case studies and the actions food marketers need to take to make the most of the increased focus on health.

Kosher Foods (UK) - Industry Report
This analysis provides a detailed overview of the UK kosher foods market and delivers a comprehensive individual analysis on the top 40 companies, including Air Fayre, Just Koshered and Menachem Glatt Kosher. The report includes a wealth of information on the financial trends over the past four years.

2013 Snack Food in the US
This report covers all segments of the diverse packaged snack food industry, from salty to sweet and everything in between, examining market trends and recent industry developments. It also profiles leading companies, including those also involved with beverages, such as PepsiCo, as well as food giants like ConAgra Foods and General Mills and snack food-centric entities like Herr Foods and Snyder's-Lance.

Evolving Private Label Strategies, Consumer Choices, and the future impact on Food Brands & Private Labels
Private-label strategies are evolving from offering value and tiered product ranges to meeting a greater variety of consumer needs. This report tracks the latest evolution of private label strategies and their impact on retailer and manufacturer strategies, from mature private label markets in western Europe and North America to the emerging markets in Asia and Latin America. In particular, the report provides details on private label development in packaged food.

Heinz Co, HJ in Packaged Food (World)
Heinz was acquired in 2013 by 3G Capital and Berkshire Hathaway in a US$28bn deal. The company will receive significantly greater resources to expand its presence in emerging markets where it has for some time seen its fortunes lie. Its most recent acquisitions have been in Brazil and China and emerging market growth has for a number of years offset lacklustre performance in western Europe and North America. This company profile offers detailed strategic analysis of the company’s business.