Flavours and ingredients giant Danisco has launched a new concept that will see the release of a new line of coffee flavours at three-month points in the year, which have been specifically designed to match the mood of the season.

The company explained that the Danisco Seasonal Coffee Flavours concept was developed to create partnerships with roasters and help build their business by appealing to the ever changing demands of flavoured coffee drinkers. These new flavours will also provide roasters a way to "test market" new concepts before permanently adding them to their arsenal of offerings. 

"Basically, when developing new flavours we look at it from several angles. In addition to brainstorming and screening hundreds of flavour ideas, we perform stringent analysis of our flavours, as well as those of our competitor's," said Lisa Taake, applications manager.

The summer flavours include Homemade Vanilla Ice Cream, Peanut Butter Cookie, Apple Crisp, S'more and Caramel Corn.