Dannon has extended its Activa range with Activa Parfait Crunch

Dannon has extended its Activa range with Activa Parfait Crunch

Dannon, the US arm of French dairy giant Danone, has launched Activia Parfait Crunch, which combines Activia yoghurt, fruit pieces and low-fat crunchy granola.

The range, which comes in four flavours, has 220 calories and three grams of fat per 6oz, offers consumers a "convenient choice to add to their breakfast or a delicious snack option that helps naturally regulate the digestive system".

The manufacturer recently agreed to drop a number of health claims around the Activia brand after the US Federal Trade Commission accused it of using "deceptive" advertising and not having "substantiation" for its claims.

Under a settlement with the FTC, Dannon agreed to only claim that Activia would relieve temporary irregularity or help with slow intestinal time if any claim conveyed that the consumer will need to eat three servings of the yoghurt each day.

Dannon Company senior director of public relations Michael Neuwirth defended its claims that the product would help to "naturally regulate the digestive system".

"Activia helps to regulate the digestive system when eaten daily for two weeks as part of a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle," he told just-food.

"Regarding claims on transit time and irregularity, when we speak about the beneficial effect of Activia on irregularity and transit time, we convey that these benefits are confirmed in studies based on three servings per day. We need to specify three servings per day when speaking about transit time and/or irregularity."

The range will be available in strawberry and granola; mixed berry and granola; vanilla and granola; and peach and granola and will retail for US$1.29 per 6oz cup.