Danone brings Danio to Spain.

Danone brings Danio to Spain.

Danone has launched its Danio brand of yoghurt into the Spanish market.

Spain becomes the latest market for Danio. Danone launched Danio in the UK and France last year.

Jérôme Boesch, general manager of Danone Iberia, said the product would be marketed in Spain as a healthy snack or a 'meal between meals'.

The company has faced issues over how it has marketed Danio. Danone originally labelled the Danio line in the UK as 'Greek yoghurt'. However, it re-labelled Danio as 'strained yoghurt' after an interim court injunction following complaints from Greece-based yoghurt firm Fage. The Greek company argued consumers generally believed Greek yoghurt comes from Greece.

In France, the protein element of the product was highlighted as its USP, similar to its Spanish launch which focuses on the product's "high nutritional density."

Juanjo Sáez-Torres, director of marketing for Danone Iberia, added the product would target "generation Y", consumers born between the late 1970s and 1990s who have "an unmet need for having a healthy and consistent product to consume between meals."

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Danio, the yoghourt record-breaking sales in the U.S., has just landed in the Spanish market. The dairy manufacturer has introduced its new product simultaneously in Madrid and Barcelona, ??the city where the brand was born more than 90 years. Landing of Danio is a major commitment of Danone by market snack (meals between meals).

Danio is manufactured with a unique filtering process that gives it a dense and creamy. With a reduced fat intake, the newest member of the family Danone offers high protein and an ideal nutrient for consumption between meals.

Jérôme Boesch , general manager of Danone Iberia, said that 'for 95 years we are a firm believe in the importance of food and yoghurt under this premise innovate to deliver products to harness its benefits through new forms of consumption. Danio is a perfect solution to incorporate the yoghourt to foods between meals, making it even easier to achieve the recommendations of experts include a yoghurt a day at all stages of life. '

This new product category was born in the United States in 2007 and in four years and represented 40% of the U.S. market yoghourt exceeding 7,000 million. Since launching Danio on American soil (under the brand Oikos), its sales have grown steadily, ranking as the second largest brand in the industry size and growth.

Danio comes to Spain under the first pan-European launch of Danone. The landing of the product in Europe is becoming gradually, covering some of the major markets. In early 2013 began in the UK, followed by the Netherlands, and in the second half of last year was launched in Finland and Italy.

Juanjo Sáez-Torres , director of marketing for Danone Iberia, explained that 'Danio committed to a target that Danone to us we had not yet addressed: Generation Y.
Born between the late 70s and 90s, these young people live intensely present and had an unmet need for having a healthy and consistent product to consume between meals. Danio seeks to address this need with an attractive and different offer '.

New Danio, Danone innovation to take between meals
Danio is the first product specifically developed for Danone meals between meals as a healthy snack or snack. It is made with milk twice a conventional yoghurt and a unique filtering process. Thus, a unique and different product, yoghourt high in protein and low in fat, with an amazing, dense and creamy at the same time contains no preservatives or artificial colors texture is obtained.

Marta Olmos , head of Danone Health Affairs, explained during the presentation that "has worked with nutritionists to develop a product that offers an optimal nutritional profile healthy eating between meals for their high nutritional density '. Olmos has added that 'who practice regularly in physical activity have Danio an important ally for its high protein content, which help maintain and build muscle mass. "

Danio, the campaign
The launch of Danio comes with a new advertising and promotional campaign creativity Vinizius / Y & R and Mediacom media planning. Danio communication include Hambrosio, the personification of the nagging feeling that we can have between meals, an inconvenient character Danio should be kept under control. In addition to conventional means (with parts 20 and 30 seconds for TV), the campaign will give significant weight to digital media (with the hashtag # ataquedehambrosio), the opis and promotional activities, including mass samplings in companies and outlets .


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