According to the market analysts Datamonitor, food manufacturers are increasingly experimenting with cheese to increase its appeal to modern consumers.

The Datamonitor Productscan database of new products features a number of innovative cheese-based products, including a cottage cheese containing prebiotic fibre, a pizza with a cheese, not flour, base, and an unusual flavoured cheese spread.

The Knudsen Cottage Cheese for Digestive Health from Kraft is claimed to help maintain a healthy digestive system through the inclusion of prebiotic fibre. The fibre is sourced from natural ingredients such as chicory root, providing 'good' bacteria with a food source.

Meanwhile, US company Hy-Vee has launched the Van Harden Cheese Based Crust Pizza, a pizza base made from cheese instead of flour. The product is aimed at consumers with wheat allergies, and is referred to as a 'no-dough pizza', bearing the tagline "No bread! No kidding!!".

In Germany, Karwendel-Werke Huber has launched a new spreadable cheese featuring the sour cream, onion and bacon flavours of the Alsatian speciality Tarte Flambée.

Other products recently appearing on the Productscan database include the Gallina Blanca Bouillon + Seasoning Cube, a new soup cube introduced in Russia by Europe Foods, which consists of both bouillon (a clear soup) and seasoning.

In the sweet foods sector, Raoul Rousso is marketing Grashoff Chocolat chocolate spread in Germany, in three innovative flavours: blood orange oil, mint oil and ground espresso coffee.