Delhaize, the Belgium-based retailer, plans to extend its nutritional labelling system across all its US stores. 

The Guiding Stars system awards one, two or three stars to food products on the basis on their nutritional content and is already in use at the company's Sweetbay and Hannaford Bros outlets.

A spokesperson for the retailer told just-food that the success of the labelling scheme prompted Delhaize to extend it to its Food Lion outlets in the US.

"Our customers really appreciate the system. We have seen an increase in sales of products with one, two or three stars," the spokesperson said.

According to the company, its suppliers also welcome the introduction of Guiding Stars. "For our suppliers its an additional way to give nutritional information and they are really keen to communicate this to shoppers," the spokesperson added.

Approximately 28,000 food items were analyzed by Food Lion for the system, the company said.