Delhaize has opened its first store under its new good buy, good food banner

Delhaize has opened its first store under its new good buy, good food banner

Belgium-based retailer Delhaize Group has opened the first of nine new-look domestic stores devised after discussions with customers.

The supermarket in Wezembeek-Oppem, east of Brussels, is the first to include features that aim to put customers "even more central" to the make-up of the retailer's outlets.

The concept behind the new stores - "good koepen, good eten" or "good buy, good food" - aims to provide customers with "the freshest produce, a warm, human service and inspiring products, getting the best value for money".

Delhaize has sought to emphasise fresh produce, with more fruit and veg offered in bulk and fresh bakery products on made on site.

The new outlets will also include a section "dedicated to gluten-free products" as part of an area created for specific dietary needs that includes sports nutrition, diet foods and sugar free products.

They will also have free wifi, an improved "checkout experience" and improved sustainability efforts such as LED lighting and a recycle-zone.

The features were developed after "several months of brainstorming" between store staff and customers, Delhaize said.

"It's all about the cutsomers in this latest generation of supermarkets: Delhaize puts them even more central to a more enjoyable shopping experience designed to match their needs and their budget even better," the retailer said in a statement.

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The customer is more than ever central

Wezembeek-Oppem - Today Delhaize has unveiled its latest generation of the press shop in the supermarket Wezembeek-Oppem. Tomorrow will be the supermarket of Braine, who also completely renovated according to current trends, opened its doors. This new concept is the result of several months of brainstorming in which all teams Delhaize, the store staff and especially the customers have contributed. Because it's all about the customers in this latest generation of supermarkets: Delhaize puts them even more central to more enjoyable by the shopping experience and to match their needs and their budget even better. The core idea of this new promise of Delhaize to its customers is "Good buy, good food" thanks to an assortment of the freshest produce, a warm, human service and inspiring products, getting the best value for money. This evolution is a perfect reflection of the intrinsic values ??of Delhaize.

A dynamic approach to the client as a common denominator

  • Testing in 9 shops
  • Open beenhouwerijatelier
  • More fruits and vegetables in bulk
  • Place for organic fruit and vegetables
  • Tasting Understated
  • Wide range of products without gluten
  • Handi Gere shopping carts
  • Free wifi
  • Improved checkout experience
  • LED lighting and recycleerzone
  • Intensive training of store staff

With its new generation of supermarkets Delhaize wants to bring color and fun into the daily lives of our customers. Customers are indeed looking for more inspiration, news, quality and convenience when shopping, while they also want to enjoy attractive prices. How can we create a real added value for customers who want to do at the supermarket? Their messages On that issue, the teams of Delhaize examined, side by side, the buyers of the employees in the store. They have sought a way to create value for customers, perfectly balanced with the strong values ??of the company. Most pleasant shopping experience After several months of meetings with consumers, analysis and testing in nine supermarkets Delhaize proud that they can reveal in Wezembeek-Oppem and Braine. Its latest generation store A clear and simple philosophy forms the basis for new developments: the customer at the center of attention for putting "buy good food" means finding an answer tailored to the needs of everyone in the first place. With this new store concept Delhaize believes that its customers, and its future customers will understand what benefits they enjoy as they shop in supermarkets Delhaize even more. All staff are confident and excited about this formula, which has been extremely well received in the initial surveys by the customers. During the following months, Delhaize will continue to analyze and evaluate new concept to evolve in consultation with its customers.

A real market for fresh produce: open beenhouwerijateliers, more fruits and vegetables in bulk, emphasis on organic, freshly baked bread throughout the day, more tastings

Delhaize has always been proud of its fresh produce, and she wants to distinguish itself even more in this range. From the moment the customer enters the store, he seems to be in a real market bathed in natural light where more emphasized. Know-how of our employees and their commitment to the customer's thirty breads several times daily freshly bakedin shop with a delightful smell of fresh bread in the entire bakery The window between beenhouwerijatelier and the shop is open:. customers can watch the butchers homemade specialties prepare and they can ask them for advice and specific preparations or by an order. Organic fruits and vegetables are brought together in one place so that they are easily accessible to the fans. A greater variety of fruits and vegetables is now available in bulk and can be packed in bags made ??of recycled paper. Tasting Positions are spread all over the shop so that the curious can learn about the latest discoveries of the buyers. And to guarantee customers the best quality and freshness are the controls during each stage of the distribution are tightened so that only the best products reach the shelves.

An innovative, inspiring and varied selection at the best price: new product line without gluten, new caterer rayon

Another priority is the range at Delhaize, which evolves according to the seasons and trends and is very innovative. As the demand for products for special dietary regimens, such as gluten-free products, the rise and health a priority at Delhaize, anew range of more than 75 items developed specifically dedicated to gluten-free products, from breakfast to dessert. It is located in the district of products for specific dietary needs back: sports nutrition, diet foods, sugar free products, etc.The new caterer rayon draws the map of accessible gastronomy by thirty ultra fresh meals in individual portions to establish that you can combine and consume yourself alone, with family or friends! But the power of Delhaize is undoubtedly the versatility of its range, mainly through its more than 7,000 private label products. Depending on its needs and budget customers can choose products from different brands of the retail: Delhaize taste of Inspirations, Bio, Eco, Care, Home, 365 or from the various national brands and this at the right price. And the opportunity to take full advantage of the large and varied range of customers Delhaize has a strong promotional plan and be constantly adjusted its prices: discounts in the central corridor, regular "Big Deals", more than a hundred weekly promotions, etc .

A pleasant shopping environment customized: enhanced shopping carts and checkout experience, information screens, free wifi in the stores, enjoyable collection point

To make groceries, alone or with children, easy, pleasant and relaxing Delhaize has pulled all the stops. From the parking lot to the ticket office and the collection point , also a new look has been put ... everything is studied so that the customer finds an answer to his needs, whether it's a hurried business woman, an older customer who is looking for new flavors, a large family or a student with a limited budget.

The store entrance is immersed in natural light and rayons are redrawn so that the customer can easily finds his favorite products. There is a solution for every type of messages:. Basket, metal basket with levels small cart for the kids or the new light plastic shopping bag in the latter was in fact improved, and now features a magnifying glass to make it easier to read the details on the packaging and on different subjects to separate the heavy fragile articles or articles to explain the self-scanning. bags properly

To inquire about the origin of the products, the work of the suppliers, the commitments of Delhaize relating to the supply, the promotions of the week and to provide for daily meals inspired customers as well as possible was a dozen television screens installed in supermarkets. And for users of Smartphone or tablet, there is free wifi in the entire store.

The checkout area was also revised to cater to everyone, and to win. Most hurried customers time The customer decides either to pass through the traditional checkouts either go where our employees disposal to help or inform. Him to the new individual payment area The tests performed are welcomed bythe customers. They say that everything is handled quickly and that while still warm contact with the staff. Elated

An even greener shopping: LED lighting and recycling of batteries, oil lamps

Delhaize plunges many years in the quest for solutions that are good for the environment (doors on refrigerators and closed freezers, LED lighting, green energy, ...) and the new shops go a step further because they make use of natural light and lighting that works almost exclusively on LED technology. The advantage of LED is that it consumes less energy (30% less than neon) but also gives the pleasant light because LED lighting is fully customizable. The intensity and direction vary from district to district and in addition provide more convenience for customers and staff. Another gesture of nature is that the customers can get where they are collected for recycling. Their cooking oil and used batteries and lamps to the supermarket

Original source: Delhaize