US snack maker Diamond Foods is to unveil a marketing campaign for the relaunch of its Pop Secret popcorn brand.

The campaign includes six national television commercials, movie sponsorships on major cable networks, and a website, the company said today (17 December).

An additional element of the marketing program a partnership with Warner Brothers Studios featuring tie-ins with movie titles, including The Dark Knight, Caddyshack, and When Harry Met Sally.

"We are targeting the movie watching consumer who wants to create more of an event at home, where eating popcorn and watching a movie enable friends and family to really commit to the movie and have a fun time together," said Andrew Burke, senior vice president of marketing for Diamond Foods.

The ads will air more than 600 times over the coming weeks on a number of national television networks in time for the key winter consumption season.

Diamond Foods acquired Pop Secret in September 2008 and took full control of the brand in February.

"We have successfully integrated Pop Secret into Diamond Foods' operations and supply chain, stabilized distribution and aligned our sales force to effectively support the brand," said Andy Allcock, Pop Secret brand manager. "Now we plan to bring excitement to the category to drive consumer demand and stimulate new distribution opportunities."