At the European Court of Justice, the latest round of the lengthy case between UK giant Tesco and Levi Strauss has seen the clothing manufacturer argue that supermarket staff are simply not trained well enough to sell jeans.

According to a Mark Elliot, a spokesman from Levi Strauss: "Staff [who sell jeans] have to explain how one blue is different from another blue."

This case has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that Tesco undercuts the high-street retail price of a pair of Levi's jeans by up to £20, then? Levi insists not: "If a person is cutting bacon and filling shelves one minute, it's not possible for them to sell jeans as well."

Tesco firmly believes that this argument is merely a smoke screen for the company's underlying concerns over price. Tesco assistants are trained according to the NVQ level 2 in Retail Operations, and then put on a gold, silver and bronze award scheme to improve techniques and knowledge. Surely this is more than enough retail intelligence to flog a pair of jeans?