Thai pizza chain Narai Pizzeria has revealed plans to increase its stake in the local pizza market to 25% by the end of this year.

MD Pichet Nithivasin said yesterday [Monday] that the chain's 27 outlets, comprising 13 delivery stores, 12 delivery and walk-in restaurants and two stand-alone restaurants, already count for 14.5% of the market. 
Rapid growth is something Narai knows about, having held only 4% in 1997, and the chain benefits from its consumer perception as the "original Thai pizza".

It is still behind the market's two multinational players, Pizza Hut and the Pizza Company, but "given recent store openings and the growing success of our home-delivery service, we are confident we can achieve 25% before the end of the year," explained Nithivasin.

"Our delivery service is proving so popular that it makes sense to concentrate on expanding [and streamlining] this segment of the business," he added.

Furthermore, he told The Nation: "We will be targeting all customers, with special promotions for students, teens, families and the mature market.

"We don't have the enormous advertising or promotional budgets of the international companies, so we have to rely on customer loyalty and the renowned quality of our product."

Nithivasin added that consumers would see ongoing and constantly changing promotions and offers throughout 2002.