Snack brand Doritos is set to be advertised in space, as part of the latest marketing campaign for the PepsiCo product.

UK consumers will have the chance to enter a competition to have their ad beamed into space in June.

The winning ad, which will also be aired on UK television, will be broadcast from a 500MHz ultra high frequency radar from the EISCAT Space Centre in Svalbard, Norway.

The transmission will be directed at a solar system just 42 light years away from Earth.

Peter Charles, head of the Doritos broadcast project, said: "By broadcasting the winning ad to the universe, Doritos is giving someone from this country the chance to go down in history as the creator of the first ever extra-terrestrial advert."

The winner will also win GBP20,000 (US$40,300).

The Doritos broadcast project is being undertaken with the help of astronomers and academics from Leicester University and is also being supported by EISCAT (The European Incoherent SCATter Scientific Association), which studies solar-planetary interactions and operates a series of radar systems.

The extra-terrestrial broadcast is scheduled for 12 June and the ad will be aired on UK TV from 15 June.