The European Commission has formally announced today (15 October) that England's Staffordshire cheese, as well as traditional vegetable products from Germany and Spain, plus a German fish product, have been granted geographical indication protection within the European Union (EU).

This announcement means that such products cannot be marketed within the EU with their traditional names, unless they were manufactured in their historic home regions and according to accepted production methods.

White crumbly Staffordshire cheese is said to gain flavour from its dairy cows being fed on local grass and maize silage available within this Midlands county.

The other products gaining protection are Spanish cauliflower Coliflor de Calahorra; German grated horseradish Bayerischer Meerrettich and Bayerischer Kren; and German table carp Holsteiner Karpfen.

These products have been added to a Brussels' register - which can be seen here: