Efficient Consumer Response UK, the organisation run by the Institute of Grocery Distribution to foster collaboration between suppliers and retailers, has announced the appointment of two new co-chairmen.

They are Martin Oakes, supply chain director of retailer Somerfield and Chris Tyas,  supply chain director of food company Nestle.

They take over from Mark Aylwin, formerly Safeway supply director, and Chris Poole Procter & Gamble logistics director UK and Ireland, who have been instrumental in re-energising the initiative and making it front of mind for many organisations throughout the UK, the IGD said.  In their three years they have spearheaded the development of ECR workgroups on a variety of topics from Transport Optimisation, Packaging for Ease of Merchandising, Product Availability and Data Synchronisation.

 "I am delighted with this appointment, and will work to tackle the industry's most pressing issues through ECR UK - our best vehicle for industry wide collaboration," said Martin Oakes.

"We have some of the most powerful supply chain leaders represented on the ECR UK Board, this represents a unique opportunity to make a real difference to our industry," said Chris Tyas.

Both have been longstanding members of the ECR UK Board.

"I would like to thank Mark and Chris for their unswerving commitment towards ECR UK," said Joanne Denney-Finch, IGD chief executive. It has undoubtedly helped businesses to foster closer working relationships to the benefit of the shopper.  Martin and Chris are a firmly established partnership within ECR and I am confident of their success in the future."