eFruit International (www.efruitinternational.com), a creator and operator of online marketplaces for agricultural commodities, yesterday announced that it will connect its FreshMarketplace members to tens of thousands of businesses across the globe using PurchasePro's e-MarketMaker technology.

PurchasePro (Nasdaq:PPRO) is a leading enabler of business-to-business e-commerce solutions for companies of all sizes.

eFruit International's FreshMarketplace allows buyers and sellers of fresh fruits and vegetables to trade online with partners worldwide, using a secure Internet site available only to pre-qualified subscribers. By implementing PurchasePro's e-MarketMaker product, eFruit will offer FreshMarketplace members a wider variety of agricultural procurement solutions on an easy-to-use and intuitive browser-based platform.

Fresh produce buyers and suppliers using eFruit's FreshMarketplace will be able to connect with industry leaders such as the MGM MIRAGE, MeriStar, and Sunstone, experiencing enhanced sales opportunities, reduced procurement costs, and decreased staffing expenditures.

FreshMarketplace members will now have the ability to market their products and services to a variety of companies, greatly expanding their sales potential and increasing their opportunity to sell goods and services outside of the eFruit network. PurchasePro's marketplace-to-marketplace (m2m) technology connects its 240 private label marketplaces consisting of businesses of all sizes, enabling them to leverage the Internet to increase sales and customer contacts.

"The PurchasePro application will empower our FreshMarketplace members to take part in a more effective business-to-business initiative," said Heikki Rinne, president of eFruit International. "PurchasePro's industry-leading member base is key to providing our network of commodities experts with the instant ability to buy and sell products and services outside of our network."

"eFruit's FreshMarketplace is an excellent example of PurchasePro's ability to aggregate procurement processes across all industries," said Barry Joyce, vice president of product development at PurchasePro. "Our solutions enable marketplace members to enjoy instant access to a virtually untapped market consisting of fresh fruit and vegetables -- further evidence of our ability to provide customers in all industries with leading e-commerce solutions."

The eFruit FreshMarketplace also offers 24-hour global trading, online logistics services, industry business news, crop and weather reports, and links to industry suppliers. The company uses the latest software tools to create a secure online trading service, including firewalls and modern encryption technology.

About eFruit International

eFruit International specializes in creating and operating online marketplaces for buyers and sellers of agricultural commodities. The FreshMarketplace, an electronic marketplace for fresh fruit and vegetables, and the JuiceMarketplace, a marketplace for fruit juice, are both found at www.efruitinternational.com; eFruit's third marketplace, FruitProcurement, will be beta-tested during the 2000-2001 Florida citrus season.

eFruit's marketplaces allow buyers and sellers to trade online, using a secure Internet site available only to subscribers. eFruit members can also book logistics services without leaving eFruit's online environment, track and print reports on product traded through eFruit's Web site, secure quality assurance services through Bureau Veritas, and read industry news and information supplied by The Food Institute. For more information on eFruit, visit www.efruitinternational.com or call 407/352-8081.

About PurchasePro

PurchasePro (Nasdaq:PPRO), a leader in business-to-business e-commerce, operates the PurchasePro global marketplace, encompassing more than 30,000 businesses and powering approximately 240 private-label marketplaces with its highly scalable, browser-based e-commerce engine.

PurchasePro's solutions enable businesses of all sizes to easily buy and sell products and services, and compete more effectively by enhancing sales opportunities, reducing procurement costs and greatly increasing employee productivity. PurchasePro responds to the most common corporate needs: e-Procurement for corporate procurement, v-Distributor for online distributors, and e-MarketMaker for Internet market makers.

PurchasePro has developed strategic sales and marketing relationships with industry leaders including America Online, Computer Associates, Gateway, Hilton, Office Depot, and Sprint. The company provides extensive support and training programs. For information, call toll free at 888/830-4600 or in Las Vegas at 702/316-7000 or visit www.purchasepro.com.

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