New York-based Gourmet Impression has invented two new hand-held tools that allow restaurants, caterers and other food businesses to turn pizzas into edible advertisements.

The two products will be debuted at the Northeast Pizza Expo in Atlantic City on 2 and 3 October. Using modular devices called the "Stamper" and the "Roller," companies can emboss their logo or advertising messages on food. Initial prototypes are designed for pizzas, calzones, bread sticks, cheeses, melons, white bread, pitta breads, brownies, pies, butter sticks and baked potatoes, the company said.

The Stamper tool works like a rubber stamp. It is roughly four inches tall, with modules of varying lengths and widths. By pressing, it easily and quickly embosses a text message or an image into a food item. Everything from personalised 'Happy Birthday' messages to advertisements and company logos can be embossed within seconds.

A unique feature of the Stamper is that it can be adjusted for the depth of the food being embossed; a deeper setting can be used for bread dough, for example, while a shallower setting can be used for cheese. The tool can cut out food at the same time it is embossing.

The Roller device features a wheel that is six inches in diameter and 3/4 inch wide, with a fender for gripping. Rolling the tool across many foods, including a pizza or around its crust imprints a customised message. The embossment depth can be altered to fit the food.