Onken Raspberry & Honey

Onken Raspberry & Honey

Emmi's UK business has launched two new varieties of Onken fat-free yoghurt to lure consumers watching their waistlines in the New Year.

Onken fat-free Raspberry & Honey and Blueberry & Elderberry have been launched this month in Asda, Morrisons and Waitrose. They are priced at GBP1.29 (US$2) per pot.

The launch comes as "shoppers are looking for fat free alternatives to combat their Christmas indulgence", said Emmi UK, which has launched a ten-second advert to back the new varieties.

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Feeling guilty after the Christmas splurge? Instead of being tempted by the latest fad diet, why not inject some joy into your January with the brand new Raspberry & Honey and Blueberry & Elderberry flavours from Onken. They’re Fat Free, fruity and a lot tastier than surviving on just maple syrup or lemon juice…


Fat Free Raspberry & Honey combines the tart tantalising taste of raspberry with a swirl of sweet mouth-watering honey. Whilst the new Fat Free Blueberry & Elderberry flavour is a “can’t-believe-it-tastes-so-good” treat for anytime of the day with a berrylicious and scrumptious fruity finish.


With less than 0.1% fat, the new Fat Free flavours can be enjoyed without feeling naughty.


The new flavours will be supported by a new 10 second advert which will be launched on the 7th January, just as shoppers are looking for fat free alternatives to combat their Christmas indulgence. Whilst the fat free flavours won’t turn you into a supermodel overnight, but they will make joyless January feel like less of a punishment!


Fat Free Raspberry & Honey and Fat Free Blueberry & Elderberry are made with Onken’s unique blend of cultures, giving them a mild, thick and creamy taste for you to enjoy either wrapped up at home as a snack, as a fruit dessert or poured over cereal or granola for a scrumptious breakfast this winter.


Available from January 2013 in Waitrose, Asda and Morrisons with an RRP of £1.29, start your year with a fruity fat free yogurt thanks to Onken.


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Original source: http://uk.emmi.com/