The European Commission has announced it will spend around EUR4.7m (US$6.2m) in helping German, Greek, Italian and Polish food producers and processors export to the USA, Canada, Japan, China, India and other big non-European Union (EU) markets.

As usual in these cases, Brussels is funding 50% of planned marketing programmes, matching financing coming from national governments or private sources.

German food marketing organisation CMA Centrale Marketinggesellschaft will get EUR528,000 of EU money over two years for its overseas sales pushes; while Greece's Koinopraxia Fruits group will get EUR1.6m of Brussels' money over three years; Italy's Bioagricoop will receive EUR526,000 over three years; another Italian organic food products group, Consorzio Garanzia AIAB, gets EUR588,000 over three years; and Italy olive oil organisation UNASCO will receive EUR600,000 over three years; while Polish meat group Stowarzyszenie Rzezników i Wedliniarzy Rzeczypospolitej Polskiej will be paid EUR870,000 from EU coffers over two years.