The European Commission is to recover to recover €113.7m (US$136.5m) spent under the EU's Common Agricultural Policy from the member states.

The money will be recovered because of inadequate control procedures or non-compliance with EU rules on agricultural expenditure, the commission said. Member states are responsible for paying out and checking virtually all expenditure under the CAP and the commission is required to ensure that member states have made correct use of the funds.

"This is a vitally important process in making sure that the CAP budget is properly spent and that all unduly spent amounts are recovered," said Mariann Fischer Boel, commissioner for agriculture and rural development. "We have made great strides over recent years in our efforts to improve control procedures and I am determined that these efforts will continue in the future"

Under this latest decision funds will be recovered from Belgium, Greece, Spain, France, Italy, Portugal and the United Kingdom.

The most significant individual corrections are:

€38.55m charged to Greece for weaknesses in the control of animal-eligibility criteria for the ewe and goat premium.

€ 23.98m also charged to Greece for shortcomings in the checking and traceability of the payments of tobacco aid.

€16.99m charged to Spain for non-compliance with payment deadlines in the fruit and vegetables (nuts and locust beans) sector.

€18.44m charged to France for double payment of rural development expenditure. France also has to repay €14.52m in the wine sector where aid was paid in respect of a gross area and not that actually under vines.