eXchangeBridge, formerly, a key Internet provider of order processing and database management solutions and services for the consumer packaged goods industry, announced the asset purchase of Success Systems Inc., a leader in Web-based purchase order and invoicing technology.

"We are excited about acquiring Success Systems' proprietary order processing and data mining capabilities that have set the standard in Internet Protocol (IP) technology for the secure, synchronized exchange of data between trading partners," said Jim Heim, CEO of eXchangeBridge. "The service they developed is quickly changing the way order processing and database management are done for the CPG supply chain. We're proud to be the company who will now usher in that change." Terms of the acquisition were not disclosed.

Success Systems developed the rules engine and database warehouse that became the basis of eXchangeBridge's Web-based order-management service for the CPG industry. The technology was first developed as a cost-savings tool for the grocery industry supply chain and the cost-effective solution was found to be equally applicable to other mass market distribution channels. "It is a scalable system that speeds up order processing, reduces errors and saves money," said Heim. "Our asset acquisition of Success Systems is the result of our commitment to be the leader in e-Business solutions for the supply chain."

"eXchangeBridge is positioning itself to become a major order management transaction service provider for the consumer products category and Harbinger is proud to be providing them with portal and back-office infrastructure technology to support their industry-specific solution," said David Bursiek, executive vice president of Harbinger, a leading worldwide business-to-business e-Commerce software, services and solutions company. "The eXchangeBridge solution brings a new level of integration and efficiency to the processes of order management and database maintenance by centralizing and synchronizing the transfer of vital data between trading partners."

About eXchangeBridge:

eXchangeBridge is a leading supplier of secure Web-based, business-to-business e-Commerce solutions for the consumer packaged goods industry. By providing Internet technology that greatly simplifies the tasks of order processing, data mining and database maintenance, eXchangeBridge allows retailers, brokers and manufacturers to save time and money while building better relationships.

The proprietary technology gives subscribing partners the power to exchange product, pricing, distribution and promotional information seamlessly over the Internet. With headquarters in Atlanta and a service center in Dallas, eXchangeBridge currently serves more than 1,000 retailer, broker, and manufacturer trade partners. To learn more about eXchangeBridge, please visit the company's web site at