Amid speculation that further Cadbury Schweppes products may be contaminated with salmonella Montivideo, the company told just-food that there is currently no indication that the recall will be extended.

One million products, including the iconic dairy milk brand, were recalled by the company at the end of June after minute traces of salmonella were discovered in test samples in January. Cadbury has since come under fire for its tardy response and failure to notify authorities until five-months after the problem was detected.

A closed meeting was held today (6 June) between the UK's Food Standards Agency, local authorities governing the factory where the outbreak originated in Hertfordshire and Cadbury. The FSA told just-food that discussions focused on issues at the factory and preventing such contamination in the future.

Emphasising the company's willingness to cooperate with government authorities, Cadbury's Tony Billsbury told just-food that there is currently no suggestion that the recall will be extended.

"Rumours stemmed from a report… that 31 products were being tested for contamination. But those products were tested at random and there is no indication that there is a problem with any of them," Billsbury explained.

However, a report by the FSA's independent Advisory Committee on Microbiological Safety of Food (ACMSF) suggested that further products may be at risk of contamination. Infected chocolate crumb was used in the production of an additional 30 chocolate bars over a three-week period, the report said.  "Where contaminated chocolate crumb was used in the manufacture of products other than those recalled, there could also be a cause for concern," the committee commented. The committee acknowledged that it was difficult to quantify the risk.

"We are working closely [with the ACMSF] they have made a number of recommendations and we are taking them on board," Billsbury said, again adding that there is no clear suggestion from any agency that that there is any risk of wider contamination or need for further recalls.