Fayrefield Foods Ireland has announced the launch of Fayrefield Butter-Like, a butter replacement, developed to replicate the physical properties of butter but at a discount on the price.

Fayrefield have designed the butter to be similar in flavour, texture and performance. The product is made with a vegetable oil-based blend and is non-hydrogenated.

Developed and manufactured in the UK as a 'clean label' ingredient, a spokesperson for Fayrefield Foods, said: "Research has shown that our customers demand a high quality butter replacer/extender which is driven by the difficulties of coping with the high and fluctuating price of butterfat over the last year.  Fayrefield Butter-Like's formulation means it can be used to extend or replace all of the butter content of a product on a like-for-like basis. There has been very strong interest amongst new product developers in the
potential for the next generation of 'butter-enriched' products." 

The new Butter-Like is expected to be in distribution soon.