The chairman of the New Zealand dairy co-operative Fonterra Henry van der Heyden has said he welcomes the report recently published by the Dairy Industry Review Group.

The purpose of the report is to deliver better return to dairy farmers for their investment in the good of the industry.
"This is a good first step - identifying the problems and solutions. The focus must now turn to the implementation of the recommendations," van der Heyden said.
Van der Heyden said farmers were looking for a better return on their investment in industry good but "making it happen is what's going to really count".
The Fonterra chairman continued: "On-farm productivity has always been a core part of New Zealand's competitive advantage on the global stage. We need to keep building on that - this review is a step in the right direction."
The report recommends merging the functions of industry good funder Dairy InSight and the provider Dexcel into one body which would be under the direct control of farmers and would be funded by a levy.

The chairman of the Fonterra Shareholders' Council Blue Read has also supported the report's recommendations.
"It's fundamental that farmers' investment in industry good delivers productivity and profitability gains on-farm," Read was quoted as saying. "The review group has conducted a thorough process with consultation showing widespread support for a single organisation. The Council has considered the review group's report and agrees that one organisation to both fund and deliver industry good should result in greater alignment and accountability."