Foster Farms expanding with organic turkey products

Foster Farms expanding with organic turkey products

Foster Farms, a family-owned natural poultry processor, has launched a line of organic ground turkey in response to growing consumer demand for "lean" organic meat.

Foster Farms organic ground turkey is USDA-certified organic, antibiotic free, raised free-range on organic land and is fed an organic vegetarian diet. Like the rest of Foster Farms' product offering, the line is free from added hormones, steroids, salt, chemicals or artificial enhancers, the company said.

The organic turkey line joins Foster Farms' organic fresh chicken products, which were recently launched. Foster Farms said that it intends to introduce additional organic turkey products, such as whole organic turkeys, in the "coming months".

"Foster Farms is committed to producing premium turkey products that provide consumers a variety of high-quality, lean protein options," said TJ Johnson, director of marketing for Foster Farms turkey. "We are seeing more consumers using ground turkey as a substitute in recipes to make them leaner and lighter. In line with this trend, the next logical step for Foster Farms was to add an organic option."

The range will be available at Costco locations throughout California and the Pacific Northwest.