The NAD has pulled General Mills up over its latest ad claims against Chobani

The NAD has pulled General Mills up over its latest ad claims against Chobani

The US advertising watchdog has issued a split decision on marketing claims made by Greek yoghurt giants Yoplait and Chobani.

The National Advertising Division said General Mills, parent firm of Yoplait, "can support certain claims made for its Yoplait "Greek" yoghurt in online advertising and social media, but recommended the advertiser discontinue or modify certain claims".

Chobani had challenged some of the claims made by General Mills including: "The Greek Yoghurt Taste-Off is on: Yoplait Greek Is Significantly Preferred over Chobani; Tastes Better Than the Leading Chobani; Based on a nationwide, double-blinded taste test of Yoplait Greek Blueberry yogurt and Chobani Blueberry Fruit on the Bottom Yogurt; It's so much better than Chobani; In a national taste test, nearly 2 out of 3 Americans agree that Yoplait Greek tastes better than Chobani; My #TasteOff is done, @YoplaitGreek has won"

The watchdog ruled in favour of the claims supported by evidence and those claims that "clearly identified the object compared and was therefore substantiated by the taste test results".

However General Mills was asked to "discontinue or modify its claim" comparing Yoplait Greek blueberry to Chobani, "to expressly state the basis for comparison".

NAD recommended future advertising "more clearly" separated claims about Yoplait's taste test results "from the comments it has solicited on taste preferences".

General Mills responded saying it did "not believe" its comparison to the 'leading Chobani' was unclear in the overall context of the ads.

"It nonetheless will take NAD's recommendations into consideration in future advertising campaigns," it added.