General Mills sets salt reduction targets

General Mills sets salt reduction targets

US cereal giant General Mills has set a target to reduce the sodium content in 600 of its products by around 20%.

The target, set out in the firm’s 2010 Corporate Social Responsibility Report, is to be achieved by 2015.

“Our organization is fully committed to improving the nutritional profile of our broad range of products,” said Peter Erickson, senior vice president, innovation, technology and quality at General Mills. “Each time we touch a product – new or existing – we think about what big or small steps can be made.  The progress indicated by our health metrics is a reflection of our success to date.”

The firm said it will accelerate its sodium reduction strategy to target an average 20% sodium reduction in 600 SKUs (stock-keeping units) by 2015.

The report highlights both new and long-standing achievements for the firm in the areas of health, community and environment, and points to improvements in the nutrition profile of its products.

“General Mills has improved the nutrition profile by nearly 50% of its product portfolio through the health metric initiative launched in 2005. Its biggest gains have been through adding whole grains to products such as cereal, although focus has also been placed on adding vitamins, fiber and calcium, as well as reducing fat, sodium and sugar,” the report noted.

Last December, the company announced a target to reduce the sugar in its cereals advertised to kids to single-digit levels of grams per serving.