GourmetMarket.com, a leading Internet technology and e-commerce company for premium food, wine and kitchenware products, has received exceptional ratings from its customers on BizRate.com (www.bizrate.com), an open and comprehensive marketplace, governed by customer ratings.

GourmetMarket.com, a four Gold Star rated merchant on BizRate.com, has achieved high marks from its customers in a number of important attributes including on-time delivery, product selection, posted privacy policies and Web site navigation. In the Food and Drink category GourmetMarket.com received four or more stars (out of five) in these areas. Because it attained a four Gold Star rating, GourmetMarket.com was invited to participate in BizRate.com's merchandising program on its site.

The merchandising placement offers GourmetMarket.com enormous exposure to millions of online buyers. According to Media Metrix, BizRate.com is one of the top ten most visited e-commerce sites, and with a conversion rate that is 12 times greater than the industry average(1), provides a powerful tool to help e-tailers convert online browsers into buyers.. BizRate.com directs millions of consumers to the Web's best e-tailers and collects feedback as they make their purchases from these sites. This information is then made accessible to its Gold Star members. Some of the actual feedback BizRate.com has received on GourmetMarket.com includes:

-- Extremely pleasant and easy-to-use site
-- Smooth ordering, reassuring privacy policies, and good service
-- This site has top-notch products and a great selection of recipes

"BizRate.com is widely recognized as the standard for monitoring customer satisfaction on the Web," said Andrew Friedland, Vice President, Business Development, GourmetMarket.com. "We're dedicated to providing excellent customer service and BizRate.com provides us with the information we need to better serve our current customers as well as attract new ones," he added. "We're delighted that the customer feedback collected by BizRate.com demonstrates our success in this area, and that our high ratings will result in premiere placement on BizRate.com, allowing us to reach millions of potential new customers."

"GourmetMarket.com has demonstrated a strong commitment to meeting the expectations of its customers," stated Seth Geiger, Vice President of Professional Services at BizRate.com. "GourmetMarket.com customers have consistently rated the Web site as a strong performer on a number of key items of importance to online shoppers. Their high marks are certain to help new customers to make well-informed decisions regarding their online purchases."

(1) For the Food & Wine Category - Source: BizRate.com and BCG/Shop.org

About GourmetMarket.com

GourmetMarket.com launched its Web site in October 1997, with the goal to provide the most extensive and finest gourmet products on the Internet. Today, GourmetMarket.com is a leading technology and e-commerce company that presently sells online premium foods, fine wine, gift baskets and gourmet cookware products, providing credible, trustworthy advice and recommendations from world-renowned experts. San Francisco-based GourmetMarket.com is publicly held, and currently has more than 150 business and co-marketing partnerships, including a number of leading portals and culinary sites. For additional information, visit the company's Web site at www.GourmetMarket.com.

About BizRate.com

Founded in 1996, BizRate.com is an open and comprehensive marketplace, governed by customer ratings, linking millions of online buyers to leading online merchants each month. As a trusted market-maker, BizRate.com combines valuable customer-generated information with a powerful set of shopping tools to help online shoppers confidently and easily decide where to buy online. BizRate.com's proprietary customer ratings form the backbone of the marketplace and are derived from its position as the only company trusted by over 4,600 online stores to collect direct customer feedback and transactional information at the point of every purchase. These ratings, widely recognized as the standard for customer satisfaction on the Web, are the only statistically rigorous way of differentiating retailers on "quality of service" metrics, allowing consumers to take the focus away from pure price comparisons. BizRate.com's ratings also appear on Consumer Reports Online and Consumer Reports magazine, as well as AltaVista, GO Network, Go2Net, Snap, Citibank, iChoose, Brodia and CNET.

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