Grahams has invested GBP1m into spreadable butter production

Graham's has invested GBP1m into spreadable butter production

Graham's The Family Dairy has announced a GBP1m (US$1.5m) investment at its Aithrey Kerse Farm plant to increase its capacity for spreadable butter production.

The company has added lighter and organic spreadable butters to its existing portfolio, which includes Scottish slightly salted spreadable Butter.

Graham's did not return requests for comment when asked how much it is increasing capacity.

Robert Graham, managing director of Graham’s The Family Dairy, said: "Graham’s Spreadable Butter is the only Scottish spreadable and is already the fastest-growing spread on the market, with sales up 76% year-on-year but this is just 4%of the market share. Our focus is growing our presence in retailers across Scotland before we look south of the border, as there is a lot to go at on our home turf. Looking further ahead, we’re also exploring the export market.

"Creating products like this is crucial in helping to give farmers an outlet for their milk. By launching these products, we’re not only boosting our own business but we’re also supporting the 98 dairy farmers who we work with throughout the country," he added.

The 500g lighter slightly salted spreadable Scottish butter is now on sale in Tesco, Asda and Sainsbury’s in Scotland, with an RRP of GBP2.80. Sainsbury’s is also stocking the 500g organic spreadable line, which has an RRP of GBP3.20.