Food manufacturers are responding to consumer concern for the environment with a slew of "greener" products, according to industry analysts Datamonitor.

Locally-sourced ready meals, superfruits and probiotics are entering the mainstream, Datamonitor said in its Productscan review of new products.

Seattle-based Eat Local has launched a range of locally-sourced frozen prepared meals, including 40 items aimed at singles and families.

A second US firm, Kidfresh, has launched another type of ready meal in the US. Its range of ready meals for kids is designed to provide healthy meals for children with busy parents. The company has different meal options for different kids' ages, ranging from 0-12 months up to 6-10 years.

In the US, Wells' Dairy is latching onto the fad for superfruits with the launch of a range of low-fat yogurts. The Wells Blue Bunny Lite 85 Superfruit Yogurt is available in varieties such as White Cranberry Strawberry and Pomegranate Blueberry.

Meanwhile, in Japan, a novel food range for more senior consumers has been launched. QP Corp's functional pasta sauce is aimed at active seniors in their 50s and 60s, and contains cholesterol-reducing phytosterol. The company estimates that there are 35m people in the 50s to 60s age group in Japan, of which 70% are "active seniors".