Grupo Bimbo has launched the Sara Lee Artesano bread range

Grupo Bimbo has launched the Sara Lee Artesano bread range

Grupo Bimbo's US arm has launched a bread range under its Sara Lee brand centred on the exclusion of artificial flavours, colours and high-fructose corn syrup

The Aretsano bread range is sliced thick and promises to be "rich with flavour and has a distinctly creamy character", Bimbo Bakeries USA said.

Being free from artificial flavours, colours or high-fructose corn syrup, Bimbo said it "serves as an ideal bread for everyday".

"Breads like Sara Lee's new Artesano are a rarity on the grocery shelves, and we're excited we can bring this quality product to consumers who value flavour and texture, and are looking to make their routine meal remarkable," said Ben Buch, brand manager for Sara Lee. "Artesano bread elevates any recipe it touches, and it's the perfect way for consumers to bring their sandwich creation to the next level in honour of National Grilled Cheese Month."

Artesano is available in the bread aisle of grocery and other stores in a 20 oz., 15-slice loaf, for a suggested retail price of US$2.99.


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