• Halewood launches Crabbie's sauces
  • Brand better known for alcoholic ginger beer
Ginger Spiced Sweet Chilli and Sweet Ginger Splash variants

Ginger Spiced Sweet Chilli and Sweet Ginger Splash variants

UK drinks manufacturer and distributor Halewood International has launched a range of sauces under its alcoholic ginger beer brand Crabbie's.

Crabbie's, known in the drinks industry for its alcoholic ginger beer, soft drinks and fortified wine, has developed two sauces used for dipping or glazing: sweet chilli and sweet ginger splash.

The launch is a result of a partnership with UK manufacturing company, Trees Can't Dance, and is designed to appeal to the current Crabbie's target market.

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Crabbie's gets saucy this summer
Leading independent drinks manufacturer and distributor, Halewood International, has announced the latest in the development of its Crabbie's brand with the launch of two new Crabbie's sauces; an exciting new venture in partnership with UK manufacturing company, Trees Can't Dance.
Designed to broaden the Crabbie's brand presence in the marketplace, the launch reinforces the success of the Crabbie's brand which already spans alcoholic ginger beer, soft drinks and fortified wine.
Two flavours have been created to suit different consumer needs and occasions, Crabbie's Ginger Spiced Sweet Chilli and Sweet Ginger Splash combining vanilla, orange and ginger flavours. Halewood International has already secured a listing in ASDA and the sauces will be available at 228 stores nationwide this summer. They will be packaged in a 220ml bottle retailing at £1.79.
The sauces have been designed to appeal to the core Crabbie's market, targeting 28+ year old men and women. With the BBQ season upon us the delicious Sweet Chilli Sauce is the ideal accompaniment for a range of meats as well as being a useful kitchen ingredient which can be used as a dipping sauce or for glazing. The alternative, Sweet Ginger Splash is perfect served with ice cream, desserts and fruit and also as a refreshing cocktail ingredient.
Both sauces are unique in that they are naturally preserved and use a simple process where the ingredients are cooked for longer to create a naturally thickened sauce rather than relying on any artificial processes. The natural attributes of the sauces ensure that they can be positioned as a culinary product ideal for a range of cooking uses.
The introduction to the sauces in the product range will follow the Crabbie's core brand ethos and will be supported by a consumer PR campaign in the following months.
Richard Clark, Director of Innovation at Halewood International, comments: "The launch of Crabbie's sauces provides further new interest in the Crabbie's range and their unique, fun and quirky appeal ensure that they will fit perfectly with the rest of the product range, whilst attracting new consumers into the category and the brand.

"Ever since we launched the Crabbies Alcoholic Ginger Beer brand in February 2009 there has been a natural link between Crabbies and food. The next natural development was to build on the excellent work we did with famous TV chef Atul Kotcher and produce quality cooking products of our own; remaining true to the Ginger Master brand ethos and reinforcing the credentials of the UK's number one premium ale - Crabbies Alcoholic Ginger Beer."
Crabbie's now has a product offering spanning multiple categories, united by the rich heritage of the brand, established in Edinburgh in 1801.
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Original source: Halewood International