A US man has developed a method of fortifying pizza with heart healthy brain sterols.

Heart Healthy Road Pizza, the brainchild of Ira Scott, will shortly be available in the freezer aisles of convenience stores and food retailers such as Wild Oats and Trader Joe's throughout the US.

"I had the idea for a health pizza several years ago, but no one would listen," Scott said. "I eventually worked with some plant sterol experts and designed a method to incorporate plant sterols into the pizza dough and into the cheese."

Each serving of the cholesterol lowering California-style pizza contains a gram of Kosher-certified VitaSterols, Scott said.

Plant sterols are clinically shown to lower cholesterol as a part of a heart-healthy diet and have been the focus of product development in the functional food category.

Scott believes that the marriage of fast food and functional food will prove a hit with consumers. He is in talks with a number of large multiples, including Yum Brands, with an eye to increasing production and distribution.