The NAD has reccomended Hersheys review its Brookside Candies packaging in order to not mislead customers

The NAD has reccomended Hershey's review its Brookside Candies packaging in order to not mislead customers

Hershey has been singled out by the National Advertising Division over its Brookside candies product packaging, which it claims may lead customers to believe the product is made of pieces of fruit rather than fruit flavours.

Following up on a complaint by Mars, the NAD "recommended that The Hershey Company modify advertising for the company's Brookside Chocolate-Covered Candies to assure that consumers understand the products are made with fruit flavours, rather than pieces of fruit".

NAD expressed concerns over the layout and font sizes on the packaging which "could be read in a way that conveyed additional messages.

"NAD determined that because the name of a single fruit was presented on its own line in much larger font than the word "flavours," consumers could reasonably understand the product to have three distinct parts: dark chocolate, a real piece of the highlighted fruit (Acai, Goji, or Pomegranate), and, separately, other fruit flavours," a statement on its websie read.

NAD recommended that the packaging be modified "to present the product name in a manner that makes it clear that all of the identified fruits are in fact "flavours" and not actual pieces of fruit in the product".

In an email to just-food yesterday (19 March), a spokesperson for Hershey said: "NAD did recommend that we modify the way we lay out the product name on the package. Although we disagree with NAD's assessment of the layout, we are taking NAD's recommendation into account for our latest packaging change because we support industry self-regulation. NAD uses the word recommend because this is voluntary industry self-regulation".

The confectionary giant was also pulled up over a television commercial whose visual cues "were particularly striking", and served to "draw viewers' attention away from the voiceover's important message that the products are only ‘flavoured' with fruit juices, and ... convey an inaccurate message that the products contain actual fruit."

NAD recommended Hershey pull the advert.

"The particular ad that was challenged has run its course and will not be airing in the future," the Hershey spokesperson said in response.