Horizon Organic Holding Corp. announced the launch of its Rachel's Organic branded milk in leading UK supermarket chains Sainsbury's and Tesco in about 100 locations in southeast England.

The launch came as a result of the company's strategic partnership with Dairy Crest, the UK's largest dairy company. Dairy Crest first began offering the milk as part of its home delivery program in February.

Chuck Marcy, president and CEO of Horizon Organic, commented: "Expanding distribution of branded organic milk in the UK is consistent with our plans to continue improving the performance of the UK business by capitalising on the strength of the Rachel's Organic brand.

"The launch of Rachel's Organic milk into supermarkets utilises Dairy Crest's processing and distribution network."

To support the launch, a new marketing program will begin shortly utilising founder Rachel Rowlands, and marketing efforts will be tailored to the needs of retailers and specific locations.

Don Gaidano, MD of Horizon Organic UK, added: "With the introduction of milk, we are now able to offer retailers a full service organic brand line where milk and yoghurt both support each other to gain a larger overall presence in stores. The launch of milk into select supermarkets is just the first stage. We have an exciting opportunity to build the Rachel's Organic brand and increase overall customer demand for organic dairy."