Hansen spoke to just-food about Arlas plans in Latin America

Hansen spoke to just-food about Arla's plans in Latin America

This week, Hormel Foods announced it was acquiring US natural and organic meat processor, Applegate Farms. In the UK, the Food Standards Agency delivered the results of its full-year campylobacter survey and revealed 73% of shop-bought chickens are contaminated with the food poisoning bug. And, on our interview pages, we spoke to Arla Foods about its plans in Latin America and fledgling UK sausage firm Heck Foods about its ambitions. Here is the week in quotes.

"Spam may be an iconic product, but the tide is turning against it. Hormel wants to revamp its image and appeal to the growing number of consumers who look for alternatives to big brands - ‘cleaner’ products with organic and environmental claims from niche manufacturers associated with better nutrition" - an analyst at Euromonitor International comments on the thinking behind Hormel Foods' acquisition of natural and organic meat firm Applegate Farms.

"I want to challenge those retailers who haven’t yet demonstrated the impact that M&S, Morrisons, the Co-op and Waitrose are having on reducing campylobacter on chickens on their shelves. We expect all retailers and processors to be achieving the reductions we have seen in these retailers’ figures – that’s the only way we will meet the target we all signed up to" -Steve Wearne, director of policy at the UK Food Standards Agency, comments on the body's latest findings that 73% of shop bought chickens are contaminated with campylobacter.

"They have a country with a big dairy consumption - in fact, per capita, they are one of the highest in the world" - Finn Hansen, executive vice president at Arla Foods, says the company explains why Mexico is the dairy group's "prime target" when it comes to growing its business in Latin America.

"Parents find it hard enough to know what is ‘healthy’ without food manufacturers confusing matters with misleading claims" - Katharine Jenner, campaign director at Action on Sugar, claims consumers are being misled over the "seemingly healthy" nature of fruit snacks.

"This is a tough season and we will continue to keep our farmers informed as the season draws to a close given the current volatility" - Fonterra chairman John Wilson comments on the group's announcement it is once again to cut its forecast for farmgate milk prices on the back of lower than expected global commodity prices.

"Heinz stands strongly behind its position" - a spokesperson comments after the US food group moves to block Boulder Brands' registration of its Smart Balance trademark for frozen foods.

"We also pay attention to what our consumers want. We agree with the US Food and Drug Administration that GMO ingredients are safe; however, a growing number of mums and dads asked us to create a non-GMO option for them and we have" - Chris Calamari, general manager of US paediatric nutrition at Abbott, on the announcement it is to launch the "first and only" GMO-free infant formula from a "leading" manufacturer.

"Organic fruit snacks are on schedule to launch by the fall. We don’t have a date for the Jelly Belly jelly beans at this time, and varieties and flavours will be announced later this year" - Jelly Belly is planning to add organic products to its range on sale in North America.

"The objectives set by the board include increasing further its presence in all segments and geographies where it operates, targeting to double consolidated sales, while improving the financial performance" - Saudi dairy giant Almarai's board of directors has approved a capital investment plan for SAR21bn (US5.6bn) over the next five years.

"We're not focusing on purely the vegetarian sector. A lot of people are buying vegetarian but aren't necessarily vegetarian. There's a big market there" - Heck Foods founder Andrew Keeble outlines the UK sausage maker's plan to launch meat-free products.