Hostess likely to be broken up

Hostess likely to be broken up

The sale of Hostess Brands will most likely result in a break-up of the company, a spokesperson for the group told just-food. 

The maker of Wonder Bread and Twinkies wound down its operations and entered administration in November, when management insisted a national strike "crippled" the already struggling company. 

The group has begun a stalking horse process and plans to name between four and six stalking horse bidders by the middle of this month, the spokesperson told just-food. 

Hostess confirmed it has received "hundreds" of expressions of interest in its iconic brands and assets. 

According to reports, Bimbo USA, the US unit of Mexico's Grupo Bimbo, has launched a bid to take over the business in its entirety. 

Although Hostess declined to comment on the specifics of any single bid, the spokesperson did reveal the most likely outcome of the sale process will see the Hostess business broken up and sold off piece-by-piece. 

"The most likely scenario is that a number of buyers will each purchase portions of the company. Theoretically, however, it is possible that everything could go to one bidder," the spokesperson said.